How It Works

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for human body development and performance. However, the majority of people do not consume the necessary amount of essential omega-3s in their diet, and thus require a high-quality supplement to properly support their health.

Omega-3 fatty acids are required in every cell, as they play a key role in many essential processes. These range from the development and structural maintenance of nerve cells in your brain, eyes, and body periphery, to the anti-inflammatory effects they have in other cells of the body.

AUUM omega-3 has been clinically demonstrated to increase physical performance, promote mental health, and play a unique role in preventing diabetic neuropathy. More information on all these effects can be found here.

AUUM Advantage

AUUM mammalian omega-3s is structurally unique to other omega-3 products (such as those derived from fish, algae, etc.) allowing it to be absorbed under the tongue (sublingually). This permits AUUM omega-3s to quickly enter the bloodstream, without first having to pass through the digestive tract. However, AUUM omega-3’s triglyceride form provides the ideal structure for absorption in the digestive tract, to allow for maximal digestion and absorption.

AUUM oil contains DPA, an omega-3 fatty acid not present in fish oils or other shelf supplements. Our oil provides a full complement of omega-3 fatty acids, unlike any other.

Our products are carefully processed using low-heat technology. All products are 3rd-party tested, and licensed with Health Canada-granted Natural Product Numbers (NPN).