Our mission: Through constant research, development and observation, AUUM will produce the very best omega-3 products, in order to improve the health and well being of everyone.

Our vision:  To build a dynamic company that is a leader in the development of scientifically-based nutritional supplements that can support health and provide targeted nutritional therapy for individuals diagnosed with chronic diseases.

AUUM is Canadian company dedicated to developing and manufacturing superior nutritional products to support the health of all. Our products are unique; from the source material harvested to the formulation, clinical trials and field observations. These detailed studies take years of preparation and follow up. While we continue to encourage advancement in science and application, a cautionary comment is important:

Companies and researchers who imply AUUM results to be generic, and then introduce facsimile products that have not been researched do not contribute to the advancement of knowledge . Please take the time to insure you are receiving genuine AUUM researched based products. Your health and well being may depend upon it.


2003 - AUUM Inc. was a manufacturer of hemp-based Omega-3 skin care products and began R&D with seal oil to add long-chain anti-inflammatory Omega-3s into products.

2006 -  Internal and external research revealed that seal oil omega-3s were a superior source of omega-3s because of their unique structure and higher digestibility compared to fish oil.  AUUM started to produce and market mammalian Omega-3 capsules.

2007 -  Continued R&D by AUUM enabled the development of Sublingual-D, the first omega-3 product designed for sublingual delivery of omega-3s.

2008/2010 - Building on the success of AUUM Sublingual-D, AUUM D3A was developed to allow for sublingual delivery of vitamin A, D and omega-3s. Both products were used to support the work of the Balanced Heart Mission and its studies with autistic children. The overwhelming feedback from this work was that supplementation with AUUM Sublingual-D or D3A improved speech and behaviour.

2012 - Researchers at the University of Toronto, Department of Nutritional Science used AUUM Sublingual-D in a clinical trial investigating the effect of omega-3 supplementation on nerve function and exercise performance. Findings showed 21-days of AUUM Sublingual-D increased muscle activation 9% and reduced sprint cycling fatigue 5% compared to placebo.

2013 - AUUM was the product sponsored of the first clinical trial to investigate the therapeutic use of omega-3s to stop the progression of nerve damage in Diabetic Neuropathy. The trial, funded by the Canadian Diabetes Association is being conducted by researchers at the University of Toronto - Department of Nutritional Sciences, Toronto General Hospital - Division of Neurology and the Mt. Sinai Hospital - Leadership Centre for Diabetes.  Study findings reported on the effect of AUUM omega-3s on changes in nerve structure and nerve function. The results were presented at the 14th International Congress on Neuromuscular Disease, in Toronto, Canada.

2014 - AUUM was the product sponsored for a Canadian Cancer Society funded double-blind clinical trial studying chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy. This trial is being conducted by researchers at the McGill University Health Centre - Segal Cancer Centre. The study is ongoing, and results will be available in 2017.

2016 - AUUM mammalian omega-3 results on Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy presented at International Neurology congresses in Toronto, South Africa, and Europe. Published in Canadian Journal of Diabetes Oct 2016, these finding show that 12 months of using specified AUUM mammalian omega oil supplements can stop the progression of DPN.

2017-   Preliminary results of McGill University/Canadian Cancer Society double-blind study in chemotherapy- induced peripheral neuropathy very encouraging. This research uses specifically AUUM produced products.