Help spread the word about MMP !

  • The AUUM Monthly Membership Program (MMP) delivers the original and ONLY researched premium mammalian omega 3 products directly to your client’s and friend’s addresses at the price of mass marketed copies. This is why AUUM provides an earnings /reward to recognize the value you contribute when you inform others who may be confused.

  • We have found that simply stating something on a website, can never replace personal interaction. Something AUUM remains committed to and has lead the way in for more than a decade. It is often surprising to new participants when they find other products on the market all use the results of clinical studies performed ONLY on AUUM products.

  • Whether its to participate in a team environment or launch your own private crusade, we are here to help and encourage. To participate you must be an active member, and must also provide AUUM your Social Insurance Number (SIN) since you may be receiving an income.

  • While receiving their monthly MMP shipments, distributors may purchase AUUM products at wholesale pricing for resale.

Compensation Program

The distributor earns a commission of 20% of the retail value of the first product ordered on each MMP they have directly sponsored, provided that:

(a) They have introduced (sponsored) at least 3 active MMP members; and

(b) They have entered an application to be an AUUM distributor.

The 20% commission is not dependent upon the number and/or selection of additional products the sponsored member orders. Should the distributor not meet requirements (a) AND (b), then the 20% commission is “compressed” upward to the next sponsor in line.



Susan introduces Daniel and 2 other members, each of whom purchase at least one AUUM product on MMPs

  • Susan earns a (20% x $45.00 x 3 members) = $27.00 commission every month, as long as these 3 members continue to receive orders via MMPs.

Daniel is not a distributor but can always introduce (sponsor) a new member because he loves the product and wants to tell a friend about what he has learned. He is just not that interested in participating in distribution.

  • Daniel does not receive a commission as he is not a AUUM distributor. The commission from the new MMP Daniel has sponsored is “compressed” upwards to the first qualified distributor (Susan) who receives the 20% commission. Susan's total commission would be $27.00 + (20% x $45.00) = $36.00 every month.


AUUM Wellness Practitioner (AWP)

Once a distributor has directly sponsored a minimum of 10 active MMPs, they are referred to as an AUUM Wellness Practitioner (AWP). AUUM Wellness Practitioners are on standby to help others members and distributors better understand the products and their uses. AWPs earn a second level of commission off all additional products ordered through the MMPs of all members and distributors they have sponsored including all the additional products ordered by distributors in the teams they help build, right up to the next AWP. The bonus commission is dependent upon the number of additional products only, is not affected by product selection and will generally result in doubling/tripling the AWP's monthly commission.


Susan, an AWP, sponsors 10 members, each of whom actively purchase a minimum of TWO AUUM product on MMPs:

  • Susan would normally earn a regular monthly commission of (20% x $45.00 x 10 members) = $90.00 PLUS: Susan also earns a bonus commission for each additional product ordered in this example -doubling the monthly commission to $180.00