Become an AUUM distributor!

  • AUUM distributors can qualify to receive a monthly commission by sponsoring new members under our Monthly Membership Program (MMP).
  • An AUUM distributor must be a member, and must also provide AUUM their Social Insurance Number (SIN) as they may be receiving an income.
  • While receiving their monthly MMP shipments, distributors may purchase AUUM products at wholesale pricing for resale.

Compensation Program

The distributor earns a commission of 20% of the retail value of the first product ordered on each MMP they have directly sponsored, provided that:

(a) They have directly sponsored at least 5 active MMP members; and

(b) They are registered as an AUUM distributor.

The 20% commission is not dependent upon the number and/or selection of additional products the sponsored member orders. Should the distributor not meet requirements (a) AND (b), then the 20% commission is “compressed” upward to the next qualified distributor.

After sponsoring a minimum of 10 active members, AUUM distributors will receive a further 20% commission on all of their members' additional products ordered. This will generally result in doubling/tripling their monthly commission.


Susan, a distributor, sponsors Daniel and 4 other members, each of whom purchase at least one AUUM product on MMPs (with retail values of $45.00):

  • Susan earns a (20% x $45.00 x 5 members) = $45.00 commission every month, as long as these 5 members continue to receive orders via MMPs.

Daniel is not a distributor but can always introduce (sponsor) a new member:

  • Daniel does not receive a commission as he is not a qualified AUUM distributor. The commission from the new MMP Daniel has sponsored is “compressed” upwards to the first qualified distributor (Susan) who receives the 20% commission, for a total commission of ($45.00 + 20% x $45.00) = $54.00 every month.

Daniel decides to become a qualified AUUM distributor, so he can also earn commissions for sponsoring members:

  • Daniel will begin to receive the commissions from the MMPs he has personally sponsored once he has sponsored a minimum of 5 active members receiving product on MMPs.

AUUM Wellness Practitioner (AWP)

Once a distributor has directly sponsored a minimum of 15 active MMPs, they earn the designation of AUUM Wellness Practitioner (AWP). AUUM Wellness Practitioners earn a second level of commission off all additional products ordered through the MMPs of all members and distributors they have sponsored. The bonus commission is dependent upon the number of additional products only, and is not affected by product selection.


Susan, an AWP, sponsors 15 members, each of whom actively purchase a minimum of one AUUM product on MMPs:

  • Susan would normally earn a regular monthly commission of (20% x $45.00 x 15 members) = $135.00, however:

Assuming all sponsored members order one of more additional products on their MMPs, the AWP earns a bonus commission for each additional product ordered; in most cases doubling their monthly commission.