Diabetes Peripheral Neuropathy Trial Results


Auum was the product sponsor for a Canadian Diabetes Association funded clinical trial investigating if 12-months of mammalian omega 3 supplementation could stop the progression of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (DPN) in individuals with Type 1 diabetes. Currently there are no known interventions to stop the progression of nerve damage in diabetes. 

Results were presented at National and International Conferences in July and September 2016.

Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (N-3 PUFA) are essential for the development and maintenance of nerves, but have not yet been investigated for their ability to stop the progression of DPN.

Background: DPN is the leading complication in diabetes mellitus (DM) for which there are currently no intervention therapies

Methods: Individuals with type 1 (T1DM) and evidence of DPN as determined by a Toronto Clinical Neuropathy Score (TCNS)≥1 were recruited to participate in an open-label trial of mammalian Omega 3 PUFA supplementation provided by Auum (10 ml/day 750 mg EPA, 560 mg DPA and 1020 mg DHA) for 1 year (NCT02034266). The primary outcome was the 1-year change in CNFL (Corneal nerve Fibre Length), and secondary outcomes included gold-standard clinic tests.

Results: Forty participants (53% female), aged 48±14, BMI 28.1±5.8 with diabetes duration of 27±18 years were enrolled in the trial. At baseline, 27 participants had clinical DSP and 7 were at risk for future DSP. After 12 months,

(CNFL) was measured in vivo is a biomarker for DPN onset and progression. An annual CNFL change of -1.6% (shortening)in type 1 diabetes mellitus, while healthy controls change +5% (growth). This double blinded study result showed an Baseline CNFL was 8.3±2.9 mm/mm2 and increased 29% to 10.1±3.7 mm/mm2(p=0.006).

Conclusion: These finding show that 12 months of Auum mammalian omega oil supplementation can stop the progression of DPN measured by CNFL. N-3 supplementation could be a targeted nutritional therapy to address small nerve fiber damage in DPN.

AUUM Advantage

AUUM mammalian omega-3s are structurally different from fish oils allowing omega-3s to be absorbed under the tongue (sublingually). This allows AUUM omega-3s to quickly enter the blood stream without passing through the digestive tract.

AUUM mammalian omega-3s naturally contain DPA along with EPA and DHA. Just like EPA, DPA is an essential omega-3 that is important for resolving inflammation throughout the body and is not present in fish oil.

AUUM omega-3s are carefully processed using low-heat technology. All products are 3rd party tested and licensed with Health Canada Natural Health Product Numbers (NPN).



How it Works

Omega-3 fats are essential for the human body to develop and perform. Most people do not consume enough omega-3s in their diet and require a high quality supplement to support their health.

AUUM omega-3s naturally occur in triglyceride form, which is the most absorbable form of omega-3s. AUUM mammalian omega-3s enable sublingual absorption as well as preferential absorption in the digestive tract. This allows for the most efficient digestion and absorption of omega-3s to support your health.

Omega-3s are needed in every cell in our body for many essential processes. Omega-3s EPA and DPA resolve inflammation while DHA is necessary for the development and maintenance of nerves including the brain, eyes and peripheral nerves. 

  • Research

Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Neuropathy is the most common complication of Diabetes, affecting over 50% of individuals, causing pain, numbness and the loss of sensation Currently there is no treatment to stop the onset or progression of neuropathy.  Auum was the product sponsor for a Canadian Diabetes Association funded clinical trial investigating if 12-months of seal oil supplementation could stop the progression of diabetic neuropathy in individuals with Type 1 diabetes. The results have been published in the Canadian Journal of Diabetes Oct 2017 and summarized above.

Mental Health

The brain requires omega-3s for proper development and function. There is a clear link between omega-3 intake and mood, depression, anxiety and optimal cognitive function. In children with mental health challenges, AUUM Sublingual-D was shown to dramatically improve communication, aggression, moodiness/frustration and participation at school. Study results.

Sports Performance

Athletes win and lose based on the efficiency of their nerves! All muscle contractions result from nerve signals and therefore superior nerve-muscle interaction determines performance. Researchers at the University of Toronto showed that AUUM Sublingual-D increased muscle activation 9% and reduced fatigue by 5% in well-trained athletes. Study results

Cancer Neuropathy

Cancer treatment with chemotherapy causes nerve damage with symptoms of pain, numbness and the loss of sensation. AUUM is working with researchers at McGill University Health Centre on a clinical trial investigating the use of AUUM Sublingual-D for the treatment of cancer neuropathy. Preliminary results show very clear distinctions between the double blinded groups. Study completion 2017. 


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Our Company

AUUM is dedicated to developing and manufacturing superior nutritional products to support the health of all. 

Our mission: Through constant research, development and observation AUUM will bring the very best omega-3 products to the world in order to improve the health of everyone including our children, the future generation.

Our vision:  To build a dynamic company that is a leader in the development of scientifically based nutritional supplements that can support health and provide targeted nutrition therapy for individuals or their pets diagnosed with chronic diseases. 


2003 - AUUM Inc. was a manufacturer of hemp based Omega-3 skin care products and began R&D with with seal oil to add long-chain anti-inflammatory Omega-3s into products. 

2006 -  Internal and external research revealed that seal oil omega-3s were a superior source of omega-3s because of their unique structure and higher digestibility compared to fish oil.  AUUM started to produce and market mammalian Omega-3 capsules.

2007 -  Continued R&D by AUUM enabled the development of Sublingual-D, the first omega-3 product designed for sublingually delivery of omega-3s.

2008/2010 - Building on the success of AUUM Sublingual-D, AUUM D3A was developed to allow for sublingual delivery of vitamin A, D and omega-3s. Both products were used to support the work of the Balanced Heart Mission and its’ studies with Autistic Children. The overwhelming feedback from this work was that supplementation with AUUM Sublingual-D or D3A improved speech and behaviour.

2012 - Researchers at the University of Toronto, Department of Nutritional Science used AUUM Sublingual-D in a clinical trial investigating the effect of omega-3 supplementation on nerve function and exercise performance. Findings showed 21-days of AUUM Sublingual-D increased muscle activation 9% and reduced sprint cycling fatigue 5% compared to placebo. 

2013 - AUUM was the product sponsored of the first clinical trial to investigate the therapeutic use of omega-3s to stop the progression of nerve damage in Diabetic Neuropathy. The trial, funded by the Canadian Diabetes Association is being conducted by researchers at the University of Toronto - Department of Nutritional Sciences, Toronto General Hospital - Division of Neurology and the Mt. Sinai Hospital - Leadership Centre for Diabetes.  Study findings will report on the effect of AUUM omega-3s on changes in nerve structure and nerve function. The results will be presented at 14th International Congress on Neuromuscular Disease, July 2016 in Toronto, Canada.

2014 - AUUM was the product sponsored for a Canadian Cancer Society funded double-blind clinical trial in chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy. This trial is being conducted by researchers at the McGill University Health Centre - Segal Cancer Centre. The study is ongoing, and results will be available in 2017.

2016 - AUUM mammalian omega 3 results in Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy presented international Neurology congresses in Toronto,South Africa, and Europe.Published in Canadian Journal of Diabetes Oct 2016, These finding show that 12 months of Auum mammalian omega oil supplementation can stop the progression of DPN.

2017-   preliminary review of McGill University/Canadian Cancer Society double blind study in chemotherapy peripheral neuropathy very encouraging.

Our Team

RJ Millar, Founder/President

RJ Millar

Prior to AUUM, RJ has a successful direct sales career as a national marketing director for nutritional products in North America, Europe and Asia. The last three years of his direct selling career were spent in Hong Kong, with his Chinese wife where his two children were born. In 2003, After researching omega-3 oils sourced from hemp, RJ founded Auum. The company originally developed, produced and marketed hemp-based omega-3 skin care products via direct sales. In 2005 following continued research on omega-3 biochemistry, mammalian omega-3 (seal oil) capsules were introduced by direct sales. The seal oil products were scientifically more effective for improving health than fish or hemp oil and were very popular with customers of the direct sales force. From there RJ continued to recruit talent and invest into mammalian omega 3 research, along the way founding the Balance Heart Mission charity providing for autistic children. For this initiative, RJ assembled a team to develop a sublingually absorbed seal oil omega-3 product that carried fat-soluble vitamins A and D rapidly to the brain. Results demonstrated rapid and sustained improvements in speech and behaviour for the autistic children. Feedback from hundreds of enthusiastic distributors showed that these newly developed products (originally focused around autism) had dramatic results with the rest of the family members as well. To prepare for the introduction of these products to a world stage, RJ has assembled a world class team of specialists in all aspect of the science of mammalian omega 3.

Dr. Jan Dadson DVM, VP Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Dadson operated Wingrove Veterinary Services (Guelph) for thirty years. He provided mixed animal services to the surrounding area becoming experienced in soft tissue as well as orthopedic surgery, diagnostic ultrasound, provincial emergency meat inspection, and all aspects of a full service veterinary clinic. He organized health care and procedures for one of the first Elk farms dedicated to the collection of Elk velvet and was the vet of record for the largest importer / exporter of reptiles in Canada providing regulatory backup and supplies. He became known as "the Boxer Vet" due to providing services to one of the premier Boxer breeders in North America.

After selling his practice Dr. Dadson operated a mobile practice providing care to dogs and cats in their owner's homes. He has investigated treatment protocol for degenerative myelopathy (DM). DM is an ascending paralysis of dogs, which appeared as a new entity in his final year at his Wingrove practice. His continuing clinical investigations with Auum Pets formulations, beginning in 2012, resulted in a written paper outlining his parallel observations and assessments reflected in both animal and human patients using the Auum omega-3 supplements. Although not yet published it was referenced at the University of Toronto conference on Alternative Methods for Treating Autism and ADHD in Children.

Senator David Wells, VP International Markets & Corporate Strategy

Senator David Wells

Senator David Wells is a highly proficient, senior executive with over 30 years of experience in international business development and management of government and commercial projects. From 2006 to 2010, Senator Wells specialized in the development of Fisheries and government policy as Senior Policy Advisor and Chief of Staff to two federal Ministers of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. In both his public and private career, he has worked extensively in the development of public policy, corporate strategy, regulatory change, and innovative solutions.

Senator Wells has provided leadership and partnership opportunities through an extensive global network of community, industry and government cosntacts. He draws on a wealth of in-depth experience having managed multi-million dollar initiatives and projects in diverse locations throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas. Senator Wells has served as Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Canada/Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board and has served as a board member and chair of its Audit and Finance Committee. The Offshore Board is the petroleum regulatory body for all offshore oil and gas in Canada.

Shannon Lewis, VP Processing

Shannon Lewis

Mr. Lewis was raised and currently resides in a rural coastal community of Newfoundland and Labrador that has a strong historical and cultural connection to the sealing industry. He serves as Executive Director of the Northeast Coast Sealers Cooperative coordinating the activities of 600+ sealers.  His operational experience with the Northeast Coast Sealers Co-operative and other industry-associated organizations has established him as an influential and highly respected leader throughout the industry.  Mr. Lewis is responsible for all aspects of harvesting and raw material processing of seal products (skins, meat and oil). Mr. Lewis will oversee and manage construction of the customized processing facility, processing equipment procurement and installation.

Mr. Lewis continues to serve in all major seal industry organizations and participated as the only processor representative in a Canadian Food Inspection Agency working committee to develop protocols and operational procedures in the Federal Government of Canada trade agreement with China on edible seal products. The results of this work has been incorporated into the established “Code of Practice” which has been accepted by the Canadian Government as regulatory oversight for all Seal operations in the production of edible products for domestic and export markets.


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